Matched Giving Scheme Guidelines

Please note these guidance notes replace all previous guidance notes

What are the Foundations?

The Foundations are independently run registered charities each with a Board of Trustees which works to ensure that the money
covenanted by Lloyds Banking Group goes directly to charity.

Our funding is aimed at registered charities which are focused on improving quality of life, creating equality of opportunity for people
throughout the UK and helping those who are disadvantaged or marginalised in society. In particular, we are keen to reach local
community groups and grass-roots charities which are often more vulnerable.

How the Matched Giving Scheme works

The Matched Giving Scheme was established to encourage members of staff to get involved in the voluntary sector and to help
fundraise through personal participation in events or give their time freely to support the work of charities throughout the UK.
The Foundations run this scheme for the staff of Lloyds Banking Group and its subsidiary companies and our own staff and Trustees.

Every member of staff employed by Lloyds Banking Group and any Group subsidiary in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel
Islands, the Isle of Man or the Lloyds Bank Foundations, Halifax Foundation or the Bank of Scotland Foundation (including Trustees)
is entitled to claim up to £1,000 in each calendar year from the Matched Giving Scheme for a charity which they have either raised
money for or given time to. We will match every pound you raise or donate £8 per hour of voluntary time given, to a maximum of
£500 for fundraising events and/or £500 for voluntary time given, provided that your claim falls within the rules of the scheme and
the charity is eligible for funding.

Before applying to the Matched Giving Scheme please make sure that you have read the rules and guidance notes below carefully.

The rules

Here are the basic rules for applying to the Matched Giving Scheme:

• You must be an employee of Lloyds Banking Group, or any other Group subsidiary in the England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the
Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or an employee or Trustee of Lloyds Bank Foundations, Halifax Foundation or the Bank of Scotland
• We cannot support claims for activities or voluntary time completed by family members, friends etc. The whole ethos of the scheme
is to get you to personally participate in the voluntary sector!
• Each staff member is eligible to claim up to £1,000 in the calendar year to a maximum of £500 for fundraising events and/or £500 for
voluntary time given.
• You can apply at any point in the year and for as many different activities as you like, so long as your entitlement is not exceeded.
• Please note that claims under £50 are not eligible.

For fundraising activity claims:

• You must have personally participated in an event or activity. That is, you must have done something to the raise the funds. For
example, if you are raising funds by doing bag packing at the local supermarket we would expect that you were one of the bag
packers, not the organiser/supervisor of the event
• Claims for fundraising activities must be submitted within six months of the date of the event.
• You must have completed the fundraising activity before being able to claim.

For claims for voluntary time:

• These can be submitted at any time for hours given to charity during the last 12 months.
• We do not support claims for voluntary time spent organising or taking part in fundraising events or for time given during work time.
• Each staff member who has personally participated in a fundraising activity or given voluntary time must complete their own
claim form.
• We can only support charities which fit within our guidelines (see the types of charities we fund and what we don’t fund).

We strongly advise you not to make any promises of funding to the charity you are fundraising for, in case there are any reasons why your claim may not be met. If you have any questions, please contact the foundation which processed claims for staff in your area and we will be only too happy to provide you with clarification. 


The types of charities we fund

We support a wide range of charities which help people in the UK to achieve a better quality of life, create equality of opportunity and
help those who are disadvantaged or marginalised in society.

Each of the Foundations may only support staff and charities working within that Foundation’s geographic region (e.g. Lloyds Bank
Foundation for the Channel Islands may only support charities based and working in the Channel Islands).

What we don't fund



Unfortunately, we are unable to fund the following types of charitable work:

   • Organisations which are not registered charities
   • Individuals – including students
   • Animal welfare
   • Environmental projects e.g. geographic and scenic, conservation and protection of fl ora and fauna
   • Mainstream activities and statutory requirements of hospitals and medical centres (inc NHS Trusts), schools, universities and colleges
       – PTAs are eligible providing they are registered charities
   • Sponsorship or marketing appeals
   • Establishment/preservation of endowment/welfare funds
   • Organisations that redistribute funding for subsequent grant making to other organisations and/or individuals.    
   • Expeditions or overseas travel
   • Places of worship
   • Promotion of religion
   • Charities working outside of the UK (i.e. benefi ting people outside the UK)
   • Building projects for heritage centres, visitor centres, museums and theatres
   • Historic restoration, historic publication

Where to send your completed claim form

Once you have completed your fundraising event or voluntary time then you should complete an application online.

Online forms and contact information for each Foundation can be found on the LBG Interchange.

What happens next?

Once we have received your claim form, we will check for eligibility against the rules and the types of charities we fund.

If your claim is successful, we will write to you to let you know that your claim has been approved.

We will send the Matched Giving Claim payment directly to the charity, along with a letter explaining that you raised these funds and
how you did it.