Matched Giving

The Matched Giving Programme is open to all Lloyds Banking Group employees in Scotland who can apply for up to £1,000 for charities operating in Scotland. Up to £500 can be claimed for fundraising events as well as up to £500 for voluntary time given provided that claims fall within our guidelines and the charity is eligible for funding. It is strongly advised that you read the guidelines before applying for Matched Giving.

Please confirm that the charity you are supporting is registered with the Scottish Charity Register (OSCR) or the Charity Commission for England and Wales before submitting your application.

If you meet the criteria of the Foundation please select the relevant online form below. Please note username & password for Matched Giving are located on the Lloyds Banking Group Interchange - Matched Giving Page.


Apply for £10 an hour towards time spent volunteering outside of work hours.

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Apply to the Foundation to match any funds you have raised for an eligible charity.

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Keen to support a local charity in other ways?


Bank of Scotland Foundation is looking for Lloyds Banking Group colleagues in Scotland to mentor charities in their local area that have received funding from the Foundation.


You don’t need to have specialist mentoring skills or previous experience of mentoring, just a desire to be encouraging, supportive and passionate about helping others.


We’re looking for colleagues grade D and above who have some management experience already and can offer the charity you’re matched with regular, ongoing support once a month, for around 1-1.5 hours per session.


You can find out more information on Hive or by contacting Zoe Redhead on 07809 551491 /  [email protected]