Medium Grants Programme Guidelines

It is important to read these guidelines before completing your Application Form.

The guidelines explain more about the Medium Grants Programme and also take you through the questions on the Application Form explaining the type of information we require.

Only fully completed Application Forms with a full set of supporting documents will be accepted.

General Information

The Bank of Scotland Foundation is an independent charity working with charitable organisations across Scotland, supporting people and their local communities.

Bank of Scotland Foundation focuses its Medium Grants investment strategy around Developing and Improving Communities. Bank of Scotland Foundation will support charities in the voluntary sector to improve communities and the lives of individuals. For example:
  • Social Inclusion Projects that bring people back into the community who may have been excluded, e.g. the disabled, the elderly and ethnic minorities.
  • Life Long Learning Enhancing learning opportunities across all age groups and sectors, e.g. mainstream education, second chance education, special needs provisions and life skills training etc.

There are certain activities and organisations that Bank of Scotland Foundation does not support. It does not make donations to discriminatory or political organisations and does not provide funding to promote religion. Bank of Scotland Foundation does not support animal charities or medical research. Bank of Scotland Foundation does not support organisations that redistribute funding for subsequent grant-making to other organisations and/or individuals. Bank of Scotland Foundation does not make donations to individuals or for advertising or sponsorship.

Applications are accepted between £10,001 and £25,000 for the Medium Grants Programme and grants are awarded for one year only. Applications can only be accepted from charities registered in Scotland.

Closing dates for applications are available on or by calling 0131 655 2599. Applications will be accepted until 5pm on each closing date.

Applicants are required to leave one year between applications whether they are successful or unsuccessful. If successful, charities must leave at least on year after receipt of funding before applying again to the Medium Grants Programme. If unsuccessful, charities must leave at least one year between applications.

All applicants will be informed in writing of the Trustees' decision approximately ten weeks from the closing date for applications.