Large Grants Programme Guidelines

It is important to read these guidelines before completing your Application Form.

The guidelines explain more about the Large Grants Programme and also take you through the questions on the Application Form explaining the type of information we require.

Only fully completed Application Forms with a full set of supporting documents will be accepted.

General Information

Our Large Grants Programme accepts applications between £50,000 and £100,000 from charities registered in Scotland. Funding will be required to be spent within two years from receipt of the grant.

We particularly wish to help with two key themes:

  • Developing and improving local communities
  • Financial literacy and financial inclusion

Our themes are deliberately broad to enable many charities to consider submitting an application and to allow our Trustees to assess a wide range of proposals.



Our assessment of initial Large Grant applications will cover a variety of key areas including:


  • Evidence of demonstrable need
  • Value for money
  • Real difference made by the project (outputs/impact)
  • Extent of disadvantage or exclusion being addressed
  • Sustainability of the project
  • Innovation
  • Opportunities for Lloyds Banking Group Employee Volunteering

Whilst this list is not exhaustive, you should ensure your initial application does address at least these key areas, if relevant to your project.


The overall objective is to determine whether your application is fulfilling the Foundation's main aim which is 'to support people and their local communities'. 


There are certain activities and organisations that Bank of Scotland Foundation does not support. It does not make donations to discriminatory or political organisations and does not provide funding to promote religion. Bank of Scotland Foundation does not support animal charities or medical research. Bank of Scotland Foundation does not make donations to individuals or for advertising or sponsorship.



Closing dates and assessment

All applicants will be informed in writing of the Trustees' decisions.

12 noon Friday 16th February 2018


If successful, charities must leave at least two years after receipt of their funding before applying again to the Large Grants Programme. If unsuccessful, charities must leave at least one year between applications.